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Traditional Methods

Without the Quick-Shot, your arms are supporting the weight of the gun for the entire duration of the hunt. An average shotgun weighs 6-8 lbs. Just imagine carrying around a couple sacks of potatoes for an entire afternoon hunt! That's energy that you could be putting towards hunting your prey.

Furthermore, the tiresome burden of carrying a heavy shotgun or rifle is only amplified for youth and small frame hunters. Don't let your younger hunting companions become discouraged with hunting and shooting sports due to extreme fatigue.

With Quick-Shot

The Quick-Shot takes the weight off of your arms and lets your legs do the work. Using the Quick-Shot, the weight load on your arms can be reduced by up to 75%!

Example: an 8 lb 6 oz over and under shotgun feels like a 2 lb 5 oz BB gun when in your Quick-Shot (i.e. a 72.4% weight load reduction!!!)

By eliminating the undue burden on your arms you'll hardly notice the weight of your firearm. This means you will be rested and alert when it's time for the next shot.

Additionally, youth and small frame hunters will be able to better enjoy their hunting experiences without being overly exhausted.

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