IHEA Volume 11, Summer 2011

"As a teaching tool, too, the Quick-Shot shines. For a young or new hunter to have one specific, safe focal point for the butt of their firearm, makes it a safety check unto itself."

John Gallaspy
September 20, 2011

Charleston Mercury

"The Quick-Shot proved handy in a dove field over the opening hunts of the “grey bird” season, and the holster was a natural resting place for my Wingmaster pump shotgun all the time the safety was engaged. A nearby female wing shooter asked where she could get one, too."

Jeff Dennis (Outdoor Correspondent)
September 20, 2011

"How did we ever wing shoot without it! My Remington 11-87 was always at the ready position, for when that pheasant flushed up. I also was able to perform better all day due to not being as fatigued from allot of walk and toting a heavy shotgun around. I recommend this product to any one that enjoys any type of wing shooting!!!"

Thomas B. (NAHC field tester)
Oakdale, CT
Fall-Winter 2010

"This product was great. I recieved the Quick-Shot the day before I was heading out to go pheasant hunting. I use a old Marlin Model 120 12ga with wood stock so it get heavy after a few hours hunting the Quick-Shot gave my arms a rest from holding the shotgun up waiting for the birds to be flushed out. The quick-shot allowed me to hunt longer and kept my shotgun in the right position for quick reaction to the birds."

Anthony H. (NAHC field tester)
Fort Collins, CO
Fall-Winter 2010

"I tested this product during the 2011 hunting season which included quail,grouse, dove,rabbit,squirrel,duck and goose season. At age 61 I really enjoyed using the quick shot and I believe others would as well. Dove and rabbit season using dogs gave me prime time to use the product and I was very impressed with the results. I would highly recomend to all members. My only concern would be the price. To see it in the store at that price without using it I may not have given it a second look, however, you have a very good product and after using it over 60 or so hunts I would most certainly consider the purchase. My hunting buddy's are impressed also. I have already notified the north american hunting club about my findings and encourage bird and rabbit hunters especially to try the Quick shot. My stepson at age 31 uses the quick shot as well. Work on the price and you will have lots of buyers."

(Peregrine Field Gear has since lowered the price of the Quick-Shot.)

Thomas E. (NAHC field tester)
Walton, KY
Fall-Winter 2010

"Received my order and just had to see how well it worked. I have to say that it is an excellent product and does very well holding my gun. Again thank you for supporting the hunter safety program. I plan on taking your coupons and product (for show ) to our spring program. I'm quite sure there will be lots of interest, not only from the students but the instructors too. Thank you again"

Mickey B.
Rock Island, IL

"I received a Quick Shot for Product Testing thru NAHC. I used this for Grouse, Turkey, Deer(gun) and Deer(Muzzle-loading) in Wis. this fall, Oct-Nov. I am very happy with this product as it makes it easy to safely carry a long gun muzzle up and makes a great Pistol Belt also. Thank You for this Product"

Michael C.
Oshkosh, WI

"It never fails that a rooster gets up just about the time you're tired and let down your guard...and your gun. The Quick-Shot solves both problems. It gives my arms a rest, while keeping my gun in a ready shooting position. No more Hail Mary shots at birds that got a head start because I wasn't ready to shoot."

Tom B.
Woodland Park, CO

"I was hunting pheasants in the Garden City, KS area a couple of weeks ago…. I think this is an ingenious idea. Regardless of how light your long gun is, when you walk a ¾ mile field looking for pheasants, your gun becomes heavy. I found your holster to be a very comfortable method to carry a long gun. I was able to retrieve the gun and fire as fast from the holster as I could from most other positions unless I was in a “ready to fire” position… Thank you again for the opportunity to try the Quik-Shot Holsters out. I think this is a good product and I hope you have good luck marketing it to hunters."

Warren T.
Pensacola, FL

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